Countless Drops Fill The Barrel to the Top

Big Oil Clothing Company's mission is to sell oilfield-inspired clothing that celebrates an industry that energizes the world and, at the same time, educate the people in the communities where we work and live about who really makes up Big Oil. Far too often, the term "Big Oil" is used with a negative connotation to describe our life's work and the people behind it. To those that don't understand us, images of Wall Street suits or Boss Hogg come to mind. Wearing Big Oil clothing visually informs the public (and even our own people) that the individuals that make up "Big Oil" are a true cross-section of the entire world, comprised of different ages, races, genders, socio-economic status, religious beliefs, and t-shirt sizes. The funny thing is, as different as we are, we always come together to get the job done. Big Oil Clothing Company is proud of this fact, and hopes to be an example that when people work together, great things can be accomplished.  

Big Oil Clothing Company, LLC is a family-run business and creation of Jeremy Howard, a dedicated oilfield nerd since 2008.

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Store Paused until Spring 2019

Howdy folks!  We are so low on inventory, that we thought it would be best to pause the store untill we get new designs in for Spring 2019!  Keep an eye out on our facebook page for updates.

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