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When your tagline is "Soft Shirts for Rough Necks", you know that you better deliver.  Rest assured, BOCC shirts do not bring sand paper to a tickle fight.  Check out each design's description page, to see what shirt each design is printed on.  All shirts are unisex.

The 50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blend is butter-soft.  Made from manual old-school looms in the good ol' U.S. of A., the texture of the weaving and weight really speak to the craftsmanship of the shirt.  Looking at the blind stitching at the hem, you'd think each shirt was hand sewn; a very subtle detail that is worth the extra attention.  The cut at the waist of the shirt is neither trim/athletic nor boxy.  It's slightly tailored, but still wearable for everyone.  The same goes for the cut of the arms.  Regardless of which Popeye you are (pre- or post- spinach), you'll like the cut of the sleeves.       

Our Tri-Blend shirt is as thin as it is sturdy.  Easily the lightest FEELING t-shirt we've ever worn, without it LOOKING too thin.  It stretches where it's supposed to and pops right back into shape, so it stays looking fresh all day.  In 100-degree weather, you probably won't even notice the shirt when it's on.  If the 50/50 is like butter, the trick-blend is like a feather.  Apologies for the ALL CAPS.  I wasn't yelling, I promise.

All shirts sized 3X and larger are sourced out to different labels, but we certainly have found some incredibly well-made and soft tri-blend shirts for the folks that have a little extra momentum going their way.  Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

WARNING:  We've tried shirts from all over, but these shirts are far-and-away ahead of the pack.  After wearing them, you run the risk of throwing away every other shirt in your closet.

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Store Paused until Spring 2019

Howdy folks!  We are so low on inventory, that we thought it would be best to pause the store untill we get new designs in for Spring 2019!  Keep an eye out on our facebook page for updates.

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